Vastness of love between us and our pets

One of the best (and most crucial!) ways to show your pets you love them is to make sure they’re eating only the best food there is. Feeding them the right, high-quality food will ensure that your furry pals grow up strong and healthy.

Vastitude, Singapore’s first vet-approved sous vide-cooked pet food.

Why sous-vide, you ask?

This temperature-controlled cooking method ensures that food is cooked evenly inside and out, while retaining its maximum nutritional value and moisture.

Our recipes are also specially designed by vets to provide proper nutrition for dogs. After the sous-vide process, our food is first cooled, then vacuum-sealed and frozen immediately after. This fresh-frozen technique allows us to preserve and store our food at its freshest – without compromising its nutritional value.

Vastitude, a one-stop pet-friendly social event space.

We know how important it is to celebrate all of life’s special moments with every single member of the family – including our four-legged ones. As such, we’ve put together a capable team to handle customized event needs, and are more than happy to help you and your pets feel at home with us.

At the end of the day, there is only one message you want to tell your precious fur kids:

“You are loved.”